Wenning Entertainment

“Relax and Trust in the Professionals you Hired!”

No one ever said planning a wedding is all fun, but the end result is well worth the attention to detail and sometimes even the stress! You have so many responsibilities when you are involved in wedding planning.

Why add more stress on yourself by trying to keep tabs on the entertainment, food, photography, venue and more? Remember, this is our area of expertise. For us after 20 years of doing everything from planning, production, lighting, photography and of course music, you can relax knowing that you have hired a FULL-TIME entertainment company!

Our main focus is making sure that your event runs flawlessly! Our reputation depends on our job every week. Trust the judgment of the professionals you hire rather than trying to oversee their every move. Micro managing adds a lot of stress to an already stressful day. You’ve done months of planning for this day and so have your vendors. A true industry professional puts their name on the line for each event. So breath easy and let the experts execute their craft while you worry about saying ‘I DO!’

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