Winter Proposal Inspiration


Did you know that according to the BBC, nearly 40% of engagements happen in the 2½ months between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day? And the day the most engagements take place is on Christmas Eve! This means that this Friday, more people will get engaged than any other day of the year! So now is the perfect time for some winter proposal inspiration!

To make your engagement special, you are going to have to think outside of the box. Proposals should be personal and tied to special memories that you share with your partner. So, if you are one of the many planning to propose on Christmas Eve or sometime this winter, look to the season for proposal inspiration!

Unique Proposal Inspiration

There are so many fun and creative elements of the holidays to incorporate into your proposal this season. If you are proposing sometime one Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, consider hiding the ring! Hide the ring on a branch of your Christmas tree or stuff your partner’s stocking with it for them to find.  

Or, get an ornament that opens to reveal your engagement ring. That way, you will have a special keepsake to commemorate your engagement that you can decorate your tree with every year! And if you are into large gestures, try writing out your proposal in Christmas lights or in the snow! 

The options are endless when you draw inspiration from the time of year you are proposing in! And of course, don’t forget to incorporate personal details and special moments you have shared together into your proposal. You will be sure to make this season unforgettable!


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