Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

The Uninvited Guest

A wedding took place on a beautiful night at the Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, California. The guests and newlyweds were celebrating, dancing, and mingling all night long. Once the night ended the newlyweds retreated back to their hotel room. In the middle of the night they were abruptly woken up to an uninvited guest standing in their hotel room.

He was a tall ghostly looking sailor who didn’t appear to be threatening. The next morning the couple told the front desk about their night and specifically what they saw. The clerk was confused and explained to them that this was impossible. The adjoining door in their hotel room that the man was leaning on had been closed off years ago. The door was bolted shut making it impossible for anyone to enter. Since their room was a suite no one else was on their floor.

Our Reaction

When we think of hotels in California, we generally think of the classic song by the band The Eagles or beautiful sunset views, not haunted hotels! There is no denying this is a spooky end to your wedding. These two will never forget their first night as a married couple. Hopefully you remember your first night too, but for different reasons!

Final Note

It never hurts to see if there have been any out of the ordinary events at your wedding venue. This is true of course, unless you live for Halloween and love to be scared. It never hurts to see if there have been any out of the ordinary events at your wedding venue for the rest of us who are not hard-core scary movie enthusiasts and the horrors it has to offer.

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