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Thank You Cards 101

Congratulations! You and your fiancé are officially married, and everyone got to enjoy your big day. Although you no longer need your wedding planner, there is still planning to be done: your thank you cards! This should be at the top of your post wedding to do list.

Thank you cards are very important, because it is a way to show your guests that you care. Although the thought of them can be daunting, thank you cards are a great way to look back on your night and thank family and friends for supporting you on your big day.

Be Timely

The bottom line for sending thank you cards is that they should be sent out within three months. A more detailed explanation for this is can be divided into two parts. If your guest gave you their gift before the wedding, try to send the card within two weeks of getting the gift.

If you wait up till three months depending on when you find the time to write your thank you cards after your wedding, your guests might think you forgot about them or that you did not enjoy their gift. For gifts you receive on or after your wedding day, send your thank you card within or up to three months of the gift exchange.

What to Write?

If you’re at a loss for words or writing cards is not your forte short and sweet never hurts. Try to make your thank you cards personable and specific so that it does not come across as if you wrote the same thing for each card. A quick tip is to express your appreciation for the gift and say how you plan on using it.

Regardless of whether or not your guest gave you a wedding present, you should still thank them for attending your wedding.

Make Your Cards Fun

There are many ways you can make and design your thank you cards. You could send them electronically, do a DIY, or order customized cards. One way to make mailing your thank you cards more fun is by incorporating your theme into the design. Another idea is to take a photo or two from your wedding and make it a part of the card!

If you’re experience somewhat of a lack of inspiration, there are countless amounts of websites that offer templates or designs to draw inspiration from However you choose to make your cards, try to enjoy it. This is one of the last things you’ll have to do as a newlywed!

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