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Want to Write Reviews for Your Vendors, but Don’t Know Where to Start?

You’ve Come to the Right Place!

Everyone talks about the “must haves” or the “to do lists,” for planning a wedding; however, no one talks about what happens after the wedding. If you just had your dream wedding or if you are a very proactive bride and you don’t know what to do after your big day ends, we are here for you!

Why You Should Write Vendor Reviews?

The biggest way to thank your vendors is by writing them a review, because it helps their business grow. If you weren’t happy with your vendors, you should still politely let others know. This helps other engaged couples when they are deciding who to hire for their wedding

When to Write It

Only after you have completely ended your experience with your vendors should you write your review. Even though your vendors might have done a great job on your wedding night, it’s not uncommon to run into paperwork problems afterwards. This is something you would want to include in your review.

Do not wait to write your vendor reviews, because you want the memory to be fresh in your mind. The longer you wait the more important details you will likely forget.

Things to Keep in Mind

Regardless of whether or not your review is a positive or a negative one, you should try not to exaggerate. A great way to prevent this from happening is to recall specific instances when you are making your arguments. This leads up to our next pro tip: be specific!

The more specific you are, the more useful your review is. Our final note is to keep in mind that what you say and how you it could either positively or negatively affect other couples. Think about how useful a well written review would have been for you when you were planning your wedding.

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