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Dancing with a Murderer

Imagine that you’re an awkward 10 year-old girl at a wedding full of adults you don’t know. You’re probably expecting the night to be long and uneventful. What could possibly happen at a wedding? This is where our story about Dancing with a Murderer starts.

When Ali was 10 she attended a wedding with her mom. The only other kid near her age was a teenage boy who kept asking her to dance. After turning him down multiple times her mother finally noticed. Against her will Ali’s mom forced her to dance with the stranger. Four years passed and the memory of that night had left Ali’s mind long ago. It was just like any other day when she had reached for the local newspaper. The boy she danced with at the wedding made the front page of the paper for murder! He had murdered his family and tried to run away to Canada with his girlfriend!

Our Reaction

This story left us speechless. Thank goodness the girl wasn’t in any danger! Most people worry that they’ll step on the other person’s shoe or that they’ll trip while dancing; not that they’re dancing with a murderer! Weddings really do bring all sorts of people together.

Final Note

Let this story be the perfect excuse to get you out of dancing with anyone you don’t care to mingle with at the next wedding! This is also the perfect story to utilize when cutting down your guest list; don’t feel like you have to invite everyone.

To all of the brides to be, please keep in mind that although this story is true, the likelihood of this happening at your wedding is almost nonexistent! Remember to have a good time and enjoy your night!

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