Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

The Tale of the Upstaged Wedding Dress

Weddings always produce those unforgettable memories, but sometimes things can get offbeat and disaster can strike at any time. The horror story we found provides a great example of this.

On the morning of Jane Lu’s wedding day last October, she innocently unzipped her mother’s garment bag to see what her mom would be wearing to the ceremony. To Jane’s horror she discovered that her mother had not only chosen to wear white to the wedding, but a white wedding dress! There was no denying the fact that this dress was meant for a bride. Jane’s friends even asked if her mother was also getting married on her big day. Jane was completely blind-sided by her mother’s selfish act. Now she has to find a solution on how to handle this embarrassing situation.

Our Reaction

Can you imagine your mom planning to wear a white wedding dress on your big day? We’ve heard stories of the bride’s ex-boyfriend showing up because her coworker incidentally brought them. This story takes it to a new level! Jane Lu should definitely find out what’s going on with her mom as soon as possible.

How to Handle Unexpected Situations

Keep calm and be patient! You can handle any stressful situation with the correct mindset. Staying calm along with being patient to let the situation develop can go a long way in how you approach it. Develop acceptance that this situation has evolved and try to put together wise strategies for how you will go about this situation. Have complete control of yourself as well. This will help you become optimistic and positive about the situation so you can handle it the best way possible! Finally, a message to all future brides; don’t sweat the small stuff even if it feels like it’s big. It’s your wedding day! It is a celebration of you and your partner and you should remember it that way!

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