Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Pandemic Wedding Success

We all have had to cancel plans, vacations, and celebrations due to COVID-19, but don’t let your wedding day be one of them! It is time to get back out there and realize the only thing stopping you from planning your dream wedding is YOU!

If Chris Can, So Can You

Let our very own, Chris, be all the proof you need that you can still have a successful wedding during a pandemic. It is crazy to believe that Chris got married over a month ago! He was able to plan a beautiful destination wedding at an outdoor venue on the beach. Sixty guests attended his big night, not including all of the hired staff and vendors! Everyone had an amazing time and left happy and healthy. It is safe to say the night was a great success and one that everyone will remember.

No Time is Like the Present

Another important thing to remember is that it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed during your wedding planning process, pandemic or not. You just need to have the right precautions in place to have a happy, healthy, and unforgettable celebration. If you are worried that you are one of the few who are getting married during a pandemic, don’t be!

Join the hundreds of other newly wed couples who did not let COVID stop them from planning their dream wedding. Now is the time to start planning your event for the remainder of this year and the start of 2021. Your dream wedding does not have to wait a year to become a reality- start planning now! The sooner you start, the closer you will be to your dream wedding.

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