New Venue Red Flags: UnPrepared

Don’t get wrapped up too much in the fantasy of hosting your wedding at one of these newer wedding venues just yet. Some of these places are hastily put together residential properties. Their lack of experience can spell disaster for your big day. That’s why this month, we’re counting down the biggest new venue red flags that you should look out for.

Red Flag: Proper Power

When booking your venue, you want someone with loads of experience and who is properly prepared. This includes having the proper power. From your lights to your entertainment, many elements are running for hours at a time. Some new venues can not support that level of power necessary. This could cause delays in food, entertainment, or even worse, a total blackout.


Red Flag: Placement of Entertainment

The placement of your entertainment is crucial to the enjoyment of all of your guests. To an untrained wedding venue proprietor, the layout might not seem like that big a deal. Because of his, DJs wind up in a corner of the hall to blast music behind your guests. An experienced venue will know where to place entertainment for maximum efficiency and quality. 

Red Flag: Awkward Layout

Commonly, some of these newer venues were once residential properties. This means the layout was not designed to host an event of great size. Think about your other vendors when booking a venue. Is the kitchen conducive to your dinner plans? How far is the kitchen from where everyone will be eating? Are there bathrooms that are easily accessible? You want your wedding to run as smoothly as possible, so make sure the layout won’t be a burden to your vendors or guests. 

The set up of the venue is crucial to everything running smoothly. Newer venues might not have the facilities for all of your vendors to set up and tear down efficiently.

While they may look new, shiny, and perfect, many wedding venues are just not prepared to host an event of that magnitude and are looking for a quick buck. Keep your eye out for these red flags so that you don’t end up with lots of problems on your wedding day. 


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