Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Are you wondering what weddings will be like post-quarantine? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone; however, the show must go on. Things will return to normal and celebrations will continue as planned . . . with, some adjustments of course.  So what are some of those adjustments that you can plan for while sitting at home?

Virtual Tours of Venues

One of the best ways to continue with your wedding planning during quarantine is by doing as much as you can online.  Practically everyone has a website.  Take advantage of the resources they offer. If you are looking for a new venue, take virtual tours online.  If you are trying to find new entertainment, look on their social media accounts to see examples of their work.  Everyone is going to have some kind of online presence so use that!

Consistent Communication During Quarantine

Another one of the best things that you can do for your wedding is to keep planning.  The way to do that is to keep in constant communication with your vendors.  Remember that your best bet right now is to postpone, not cancel.  So, call, email, text, direct message, or smoke signal your contacts to make sure that they’ll still be there for you after all of this is over. Take full advantage of your time and look at online planning tools, discuss your budget, and schedule video conferences to meet with vendors.  This is turning out to be the best time to plan a wedding so don’t waste it!

Focus on Relationships

We understand that this is a really trying time.  But, it is important to remember that just because we are socially distancing doesn’t mean we have to be completely detached from each other.  Take this time to reconnect with your partner.  Call us your guests and make sure that they are doing alright.  Make sure that you’re keeping your loved ones in mind during this hard time and remember that you’ll all be together soon!

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Published Date: April 22, 2020

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