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Summer Wedding Tips

Summertime is fast approaching, and with it comes new seasonal wedding trends. Summertime weddings can be so much fun but they can also turn into a drag if you and your guests are slaves to the environment. That’s why this week, we are giving you some of the best summer wedding trends to help you beat the heat and have a great time at your wedding. 

Beat the Heat

With summer weddings, the weather is always a factor. Even f you’re inside, the heat will still find its way in. The easiest way to do this is to place hand fans at every seat for the ceremony. If you’re feeling really generous, spring for customized battery-operated fans to fit the aesthetic of the decore.

Outdoor Weddings

If you have an outdoor ceremony, think about what kind of surface you’re going to be on. If you and your guests will spend all of your time on a patio, no worries! But, if you have any kind of grassy area, consider your guests. You don’t want to have anyone sinking into the mud on your wedding day. Have mercy on your guests in high heels and offer flip flops for them to borrow during the ceremony and reception!

Incorporate Cool Treats

One of the easiest ways to keep cool this summer wedding season is by offering refreshing treats during cocktail hour. If you’re considering having a signature drink, make it something light and refreshing like a mojito or sangria. And for dessert, keep it light with ice cream, Italian ice, or sherbert.


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The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Bach Party

The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Bach Party


Knowing the certain things you can do and things you should not do for planning your bachelorette party is crucial to having a successful event. You don’t want to get caught up in any sticky situations that would ruin your wedding day.  We have a couple of do’s and don’ts that you may want to consider.

Do Plan Your Party

Do plan out your bachelorette party. Planning is key when it comes to your bachelor or bachelorette party. If you don’t plan, chances are a reservation may fall through. So, plan hotel reservations, airlines tickets if needed, and activity reservations. Finally having every detail for the guest joining you for your bachelor or bachelorette party makes it easier on your and your guest.

Don’t Have the Party Too Close to the Wedding Date

Don’t have the party the night before. When having your bachelor or bachelorette party too close to the wedding date, it can lead to several different outcomes. If you go to the beach, you wouldn’t want to have your wedding day within the next 3 days because you may get sunburnt. Next, if you celebrate by enjoying intoxicating spirits, then scheduling your wedding further from your bachelorette party may help. You don’t want to feel miserable and hung over on your wedding day.

Do Something You Want to Do

Do what you want to do. Enjoy your day. However, when ideas are thrown around, and guests starts to jump aboard different ideas. Is that idea something you actually want to do? Speak up! Make an executive decision! Its your party! You have control on deciding where to go and what to do. Having different dates, with different activities, and different possibilities could give options to everyone who is invited so they are able to celebrate with you.

Don’t Feel Like You Have to Invite Everyone 

Don’t invite everyone on your wedding guest list. Sometimes, the wedding guest list includes your mom’s co-worker’s girlfriend, who you barely know. It is okay to choose only certain guest to invite. Your party is for you to enjoy with the people you love and will have a good time with.

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Published Date: August 26, 2020


Location, Location, Location!

Location, Location, Location!


The location of you and your partners wedding day is an important aspect of your special day. Due to the pandemic, each venue has different guidelines they have to follow. Depending on the size of your wedding, there is a venue right for you. We are here to help you think of some ideas on where to hold your special day.


An indoor location can have a beautiful or unique background to your wedding. Due to the pandemic, indoor areas are only allowed so many people to properly social distance. If having a smaller wedding guest list, then an indoor wedding venue may be the right fit to stay safe and healthy.

Indoor Venues

Next, some traditional indoor venues include a church, hotel, banquet hall, barn, winery, or country club or restaurant. Unique and creative venues are starting to become popular throughout the years. Unique indoor venues include a library, museum, gallery, aquarium, you or your partners alma mater, or even a theatre.


If you and your partner are thinking about having more people on the wedding guest list during the pandemic, then an outdoor venue may be the best option. Since having an open venue for guests to properly social distance gives you and your partner more invites to hand to guests. With each outdoor venue, thinking about a backup plan like renting a tent or barn for guests to go under incase of bad weather.

Outdoor Venues

Finally, different traditional venues include your family or your own backyard, a park, beach, courtyard, vineyard or farm. Just like indoor venues, there are many outdoor venues that are creative or unique for you, your partner and guests to enjoy. Some creative outdoor venues include a rooftop, stadium, boat, zoo, or garden. 

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Published Date: August 12, 2020


Pandemic Honeymoon Planning

Not sure on how to move forward with planning your honeymoon?

During this time, no one knows when the pandemic life will change. Right now it is hard to plan anything, especially you and your partner’s honeymoon. We are here to help guide you with some tips to plan that dream honeymoon.

Where Do You Want to Go? 

Everywhere is different when it comes to CDC guidelines and travel restrictions. Research where you want to go and what the current guidelines are there. Some hotels and resorts only have certain pools and restaurants open to a limited capacity. If this is something that makes you rethink the destination, try looking at other destinations to see what other places have to offer.

Decide the Date

No one knows how long this pandemic will last. Other areas are affected more by the pandemic than others. When deciding the date, you and your partner want to be flexible and understand that guidelines can change the next day. Check seasonal weather patterns.  You do not want to be stuck somewhere during your honeymoon and all it did was rain. Having multiple dates in mind can help determine when the best and safest time to go on your honeymoon.


When purchasing airline tickets and hotel reservations, choosing insurance for those reservations is a way for your trip to be protected with what the pandemic could bring. This way with insurance, you may be able to reschedule your airline tickets, reserve your hotel reservations for a later date, or be able to get your money reimbursed.

Have a Back Up Plan

Have a backup plan to spend time with your partner to celebrate your marriage together. Back up plans can include renting a house at the beach or a cabin at the lake for the weekend, or even a romantic weekend at home until you are able to make other arrangements. This way, in case your big honeymoon plans do get canceled, your are prepared and you can still spend quality time together and enjoy it.

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Published Date: August 05, 2020


Elope First, Celebrate Later!

Elope First, Celebrate Later!

You and your partner have been planning and scheduling your wedding for days, don’t give up now. Do not let the pandemic take that away from you either. Rather than canceling, think about different options. Elopement has become popular over the years and can help you and your partner stay away from the decision of canceling your wedding completely. We are here to give you different options or ideas on how to move forward during this time.

Elope First

Your wedding day is all about the marriage and love between you and your partner. Rather than postponing or canceling your ceremony, think about scheduling an elopement date. Elope first and celebrate later. You and your partner would be able to still have a photographer or videographer to capture those special moments between you and your loved one. Some vendors you may want to think about still using are the officiant, a beautician, and a florist.

Elopement Attire

This day is about you and your partner’s new life together. Whatever you want to wear you can wear. You can also decide on what to wear from the elopement destination. Themes can include classic, short and modern, bohemian, asymmetrical, and cosplay.

Celebrate Later

Nothing is wrong with holding a reception or after party later in the year or even next year to celebrate your elopement between you and your partner. During this time, this may be the best decision for you and your partner instead of canceling your wedding completely.

Announce Your Post Wedding Celebration

This is a perfect time to use those elopement photographs that were taken to let the people you want to invite know there is a ceremony or after party later in the year to celebrate you and your partner.

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Pandemic Wedding

Downsizing Feature

Downsizing Your Wedding’s Guest List

Downsizing Feature

Downsizing Your Wedding’s Guest List

Amazing weather, loved ones arriving on time, and things are just running smoothly. You are able to mingle and interact with all of your guests while having a meaningful moment with the ones you value and love. This may be difficult to achieve if you are planning on having a larger size wedding.  We are living in a different world right now. You may have already scheduled your 200+ guest wedding but are worried that it may not happen. Well you may be able to, just with less guests. It is okay to cut down on your guest list. Your mom’s co-worker and dad’s 3rd cousin will understand. We want to help with the process of downsizing your wedding’s guest list.

With more people, comes more anxiety. Even though it’s your big day, when planning your wedding, keep your guest and their needs in mind is considerate and will affect the outcome of your special day. Having a larger wedding will make keeping your guests needs and safety stressful as you will have more people to accommodate for.

We want you to have your dream wedding as much as you do. This may not be what you and your partner want to hear, but it probably the safest and healthiest option to have your wedding that you and your partner will remember for a lifetime. Take some time with your partner to discuss these ways on how to downsize your wedding’s guest list.

Small Weddings

Small Weddings are OK

You and your partner don’t have to invite 200+ guests to have that fairytale wedding. A small wedding with 75 guests can be that wedding you have been dreaming about. Your wedding day is about you and your partner, not about the amount of guests. Having the chance to spend the most memorable times with your closest family and friends is what matters.

Double Check

Double Check Your Guest List

You and your partner want to aim for having 75 or less guests. You may not need to cut down on your guest list, you may already have less than that. If you don’t, you may need to do the following on how to decide how and when you have to cut some people out to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Friends Family

Limit to Close Family and Friends

Consider inviting only close family members and friends for you and your partner. These are the people that have been the closest involved throughout your life. This will make your special day more memorable and will be cherished for a lifetime.


How to Downsize Your Guest List

Of course this is something you and your partner do not want to do, but is probably the best option with the time we are living right now. Friends of friends and plus one’s will understand this decision is for everyone’s safety. Options may include a personalized phone call, text or email to that person or couple. A live stream of your wedding and reception could be an option and can be included in the phone call, text or email where they can watch the live wedding day.

Outdoor Weddings

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