Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Time to use quarantine to your advantage by creating a memorable music playlist

Use the following tips to help guide you and your partner and ensure you won’t be missing out on opportunities for your new wedding date.

  1. Create that Perfect Playlist

It’s time to sit down with your spouse-to-be and discuss your wedding playlist. Think about creating a wedding playlist you and your guests will enjoy dancing to. Don’t go about this is by thinking about the song first. Choose the artists you two have enjoyed listening to the most over your time being together. Then get to specific songs from those various artists. This will save more time than by trying to think of good songs to choose from.

  1. Use Time in Quarantine to Choose the Songs

Discuss with your partner the songs you both like and dislike. Put away your differences in song choice, and come together. A popular choice from previous weddings are songs that involve a certain dance to them. Try to get everyone involved. Examples could be the Macarena and Cupid Shuffle. These kinds of songs are great choices to get all of your guests dancing together.

  1. Stay Away from Explicit Lyrics

This is very important. Do not choose songs about profanity, suggestive themes, and explicit words. Think about your guests since some will be young children. Don’t think because you may like the theme of the song, it should be included. Chances are it won’t be the best fit to have played at a wedding.

  1. Practice Your First Dance

It’s time for the hard part. Learning how to dance. Decide on the perfect song to use for your first dance as a married couple. YouTube is a great tool to access virtual dance lessons while staying at home during quarantine. Take the time being stuck at home to master your first dance as a couple.

  1. Get Insight from Friends and Family on their Music Tastes

Lastly, choose what kind of songs may be a good fit to add to your playlist. Get some insight from friends and family through Zoom calls, text, or phone calls. See what their favorite kind of music is. The goal is to give your guests something they will enjoy and remember for a long time.

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Published Date: June 17, 2020

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