Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

You can now save the time and gas money with virtually visiting different venues to book for your special day.

Use the following tips to help guide you and your partner and ensure you won’t be missing out on opportunities for your new wedding date.

1. Research Venues

This is the time where you and your spouse can find some different wedding venues that you are both interested in. Research the venues you are set on and find some others that could possibly work. Other venues may have something, the other doesn’t. It is always the best to have many options and see what each venue has to offer.

2. Visit the Venue’s Website

Every website has some type of pictures or videos to view of the venue. Some even may have a virtual walkthrough of what they have to offer by clicking through each section or watching a YouTube video. These videos or walkthrough give the feeling of actually being at the venue. Sometimes, venues may not have an option for pictures, videos, pre-recorded or live walkthrough. No need to worry, reach out and contact the venue to discuss some options that can work to your needs.

3. Have A Live Virtual Tour

No need to spend the gas money or changing out of those pajamas. There are many different free applications you can use to suggest to the company to have a live tour around the venue. Applications like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts and even FaceTime are different ways you and your partner can have the real-life tour you would get in person. This is a way to see the updated condition of the venue and in-vision you and your spouse’s special day.

4. Discuss with Family and Friends

Sometimes through all the stress of planning your special day, brides and grooms begin to overthink and become stressed. Talk to family members or friends to get their opinion on great wedding venues to host your big day. It doesn’t hurt to hear what others have to say, you may just like one of their ideas

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Published Date: June 17, 2020

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