Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Time to fully understand what the restrictions required in your state in order to host your dream wedding event

Use the following tips to help guide you and your partner and ensure you won’t be missing out on opportunities for your new wedding date.

1. Research Your State Restrictions

Understand what exactly your states are requiring in order to host your wedding. Find out what is the maximum limit of guests you can have. Some restrictions in states are different than others. It is important to understand exactly what the state restrictions are in order to celebrate properly.

2. All Facebook and Instagram Articles are not True

Don’t read into every little article you may find on social media. Not all of them are in reference to where you may be located. An article for restrictions in Ohio may not be the same as it is in Pennsylvania. Don’t stress yourselves out over reading articles online. Just make sure you are understanding the rules in your state and follow those guidelines. Ignore what is happening in other states around you.

3. Contact Your Venues and Vendors

It is important to contact and stay in contact with the venue and vendors you have chosen. Ask them questions you may need clarification on. Understand their rules and restrictions, what it required on them to host, and if your guest limit is approved by them or not. Some venues may require guests to wear masks while walking around. Others may not. Find out those answers to those questions you have so each party has a clear understanding of what to expect.

4. No News is Good News

TV news and online articles you usually see are all the bad things that are happening. Don’t worry and take a step back. People don’t really report the normal things that have positive outcomes. If you don’t see any negative news from venues, vendors, or churches, it must mean everything is going the correct way and on track for success.

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Published Date: June 24, 2020

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