Trending Wedding Dress Styles

[embedyt][/embedyt]Spring is here and, thank goodness, summer is fast approaching! If you’re getting married in the coming months, there are some dress trends that you just have to know about before you begin your hunt. Read carefully because the top wedding dress styles this year might not be what you expected. It looks like these new trends are not going anywhere anytime soon.

New and Improved Silhouettes and Cuts

We all have an idea about what kind of wedding dress we’d like to have for our big day. Most millennials getting married were probably heavily influenced by the cultural phenomenon that was the Say Yes To The Dress franchise. If you know what I’m talking about, then you know exactly the kind of dress that is falling out of fashion. 

Sweetheart necklines are out, fit and flare mermaid silhouettes are dated, and ruching is so 2012. Brides in 2022 are saying goodbye to the 2010 and hello to … the 1800? 

Out With the Old and In With the Classics

Currently, there is a new show capturing the imaginations of brides to be everywhere: Bridgerton. Netflix’s hit show brought classical dress styles to the forefront this year, and brides have noticed. Now the most popular wedding Pinterest boards have square necklines, corseted bodices, and voluminous skirts. Elegant silks are replacing tule, and empire waistlines are replacing drop waists. 


Brides are putting a modern spin on looks that have been out of style for centuries. While in the recent past, brides had set their sights on sexy and blinged-out dresses, current trend forecasts are pointing to a return to a more romantic and elegant aesthetic. So get ahead of the trends by embracing these new and revamped wedding dress styles.




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Fresh Wedding Decor for Spring

Deciding on your fresh wedding decor is one of the most fun parts of planning your wedding. From utilizing interesting materials in new fun ways to incorporating your favorite Netflix show — there are endless ways to freshen up your decor this spring. 

Mirrors Everywhere

Make the spring sunlight an active part of your ceremony and reception. When we think of spring we have visions of open, light, and airy places. Not every venue is like this though. To brighten up your space and make it appear larger, incorporate mirrors into your decor. Write your seating chart on a mirror for your entryway. Mirrored centerpieces are also a great way of subtly incorporating this trend into your wedding.

If you happened to get lucky and found a venue with huge windows everywhere that bring in lots of sunlight, bring on the mirrors to enhance the general beauty of your space even further!

Fresh Flowers

We loved the trend of using dried flowers in this years cooler months, but if you’re anything like us, you’re ready for a fresher look. Spring is the perfect time to hit up your local florist or nursery to put together fresh floral arrangements. To add extra spring into your flowers, feature pastels in your arrangements.

Bridgerton Inspiration

Netflix’s hit show Bridgerton has swept the nation with its second season. The show’s opulent and romantic visuals have greatly influenced couples this spring with new and fresh wedding ideas. In recent years, minimalism has ruled, but now maximalism is taking over the wedding market. Couples are straying from paired down receptions and are going all out now with lavish flower displays and romantic bridal party attire.

If you’re looking for ways to freshen up your spring wedding, check back here next week as we’re featuring spring wedding inspiration all season!



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Top 3 Spring Wedding Trends

[embedyt][/embedyt]Spring is in full swing! With it have come new spring wedding trends which all follow the theme of keeping your wedding intimate and affordable.

“Unplug” Your Ceremony

We’ve all seen those “No Phones During the Ceremony” signs. People are getting tired of steaming weddings as we did in 2020 and 2021. Now, couples are leaning into the idea of “unplugging” for their big day and continuing that rule throughout the reception too!

These couples are leaving the memory-keeping duties to the professionals and hiring photographers and videographers. However, if your guests just have to take pictures, try offering a basket of disposable cameras. That way, everyone can capture those special moments while staying off their phones.

Weekday Weddings

Since the pandemic began, booking vendors and venues have been a nightmare. Couples are catching on to the fact that this won’t change anytime soon. And so the trend of weekday weddings has been born.

Before the pandemic, it was rare to have a wedding on anything but a weekend. Now, couples are getting wise to the fact that prices will be cheaper on weekdays and there will be more available to choose from. So, if you are looking to save some money or set a date sooner rather than later, look to book on weekdays!

Small Spring Weddings

Another trend that has caught steam since the pandemic is smaller-scale weddings. This first caught on during the capacity restrictions of 2020 and 2021. Couples have been taken with the idea of having a more intimate environment to get married with only their closest loved ones. This will make your wedding feel even more special, and you don’t have to waste $75 a plate on every extended relative that just “has to be there.”

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Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung! Dust off the dark colors and themes of winter and embrace the season with a bright and clean color pallet. At Wenning Entertainment, we love the colors and decor that come with spring. Pastel purples, pinks, and blues will offer a fresh atmosphere to your wedding. 

Dresses and Suits

One of the places you can have the most fun in switching up the colors is in your bridal party’s attire. There is no rule that all groomsmen’s suits have to be black or navy! Breathe some life into your wedding by adding a pastel color pallet to their attire. Colorful suits were all the rage last year and there is no sign of the trend fizzling out this year. Think pale blue jackets, pastel pink sets, or, if you don’t want to commit to a whole colorful suit, switch up tie colors.

Spring Flowers and Decor

There is no better time than spring to have a fresh flower display for your wedding. We have seen stunning displays of fresh flower arrangements from decked-out alters to boutonnieres for the men. And make sure to source your flowers from your local nursery for a more special touch. Dried flowers were a great option for the colder months of winter but now, take advantage of the fact that all of your favorites are in full bloom! Then to accompany your beautiful flower display, create fresh decor! No matter what your venue or reception space is, the atmosphere will be enhanced when the rest of your decor plays off of the colors in the flowers.

Now is the perfect time to experiment with colors, pick fresh flowers, and freshen up your decor. Spring is a time for rebirth and new beginnings, so make sure your special day reflects that.

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