Attention Wedding Guests: Move!

Weddings are fun and exciting for not only the couple getting hitched but the wedding guests as well. If you are invited to a wedding, that means the happy couple wants to share one of the most important days of their lives with you. That’s a big deal! The best way to honor them and let them know you appreciate being there to witness this big day is to be respectful.

Wedding Guests: Be Respectful

You might not realize this, but one of the most common wedding guest faux pas is also the one most of us are guilty of getting in the way of the photographer or videographer. Now, there are situations when you can’t help getting in the way, but try to be intentional about staying out of the way.

You were invited to the wedding because you are a loved one of the newlyweds. They spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars on their photographers and videographers. They had to comb through countless professionals and do endless research to find the right fit — so don’t get in their way!  

Now you might think, “but this new phone I have has a great camera,” or “but I take great photos.” None of that matters when there is already someone who’s been paid to record the event. 

When you get in the way, not only are you blocking the shot, but you are insulting these wedding professionals. They are paid to be there because of their skills, experience, and ability to get the best shot. Let the professional videographer or photographer do their job. 

So wedding guests, please respect the couple and their vendors, and sit down!

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Don’t Have A Private Final Dance

Wenning Entertainment has been in the wedding industry for nearly 30 years now. Because of this experience, we know when something is a fun trend to include in your wedding, or if it will do more harm than good. The latest fad of having a private final dance falls into the latter category. 

A Private Final Dance

This year, couples all over the internet have decided they will close the night of their wedding with a final private dance. This follows the growing trend of incorporating more small, intimate moments with your new spouse throughout the event. In this vein, we have also seen the first look, private first dances, and couples scheduling time between the ceremony and reception to have a quiet moment alone.

Those are all sweet additions to your big day if you want a moment’s piece with your new spouse on that busy, hectic day. However, a final private dance is not the way to do that successfully. 

Don’t Hold People Hostage

Question for those considering having a private final dance: have you ever stayed until the end of a wedding? 

Most venues have a time limit for how late you can stay. Wrangling and ushering everyone out of the venue in the first place is a challenge. Also, your servers and bussers need to start clean-up right after everyone leaves. Then, whatever entertainment you have will need to teardown and pack up their equipment. 

In addition to all of that, you may want to keep the party going at an after-party with your guests that have stayed. Have your intimate private moment earlier in the night so that you don’t kill the vibe at the end and hold up your vendors from doing their jobs.

For more expert advice like this, check out our blog archive. For more helpful wedding tip updates, check out our social media accounts every Wednesday!



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