Photo Booths to Capture Your Event


Photo booths are event classics! There is no better or more fun way to capture memories than with your own photo booth strip. But with so many different types, how will you pick the one that is the best for you? Find the perfect photo booth for your event with Wenning Entertainment.

State of the Art Innovation

At Wenning Entertainment, you can get the latest model of our brand new Roaming Photo Booth. This booth is a completely different approach to the traditional in-the-corner style photo booths usually seen. The design allows us to remain stationary or roam as we please! So if you want a photo station at your event or if you want photos all over the place, we have got you covered.

Photo Booths That Are Right For You 

We offer traditional, roaming, and green-screened photo booths. You can select a combination of both to complement the various stages of your big day or keep things simple with one the whole time. Want to keep it out-of-sight for cocktail hour and dinner but on the dance floor later? No problem! We are mindful of our level of engagement and adhere to your wishes so that we do not become a distraction.

Share With Your Guests 

Once you and your friends get the right picture, take it home and show it off to your loved ones! We offer a variety of ways it can be shared with your guests from text, email, or have the option for a wireless printing station. The possibilities are endless. Think outside of the box; come and roam with us!

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Have Fun With Corporate Team Building


Many businesses these days are in hybrid or fully remote setups due to the pandemic. This setup can provide many benefits to your company and employees. However, you can lose the ease of building relationships when you are in office. As we near the end of winter there is no better time than now to boost your team’s morale with a fun and unique event from Wenning Entertainment’s Corporate Team Building Services.

Connect With Your Team

After the last year of increases in team members working remotely, it’s hard to make lasting and productive connections with your coworkers. The perfect way to get your employees engaged is by doing something fun with their team!

We offer custom escape rooms, scavenger hunts, custom games, and much more! These fun activities will foster cooperation and lasting relationships between your employees. After your team-building event with Wenning Entertainment, you’ll never want to do another Zoom happy hour again. 

Have Fun Wherever You Are

And the best part about our team-building event planning is that you don’t have to be in Pittsburgh! We will cross the country to give your company the event it deserves. Featured in this video is one of our favorite events we’ve hosted for NexTec in Florida in early 2020. 

They are a completely online company and we’re looking for a way to get their employees together. We had them meet for a big conference over a few days and hosted a huge scavenger hunt all around the historic Lake Eola. The scavenger hunt had everything from puzzles to trivia, all to get employees working together and having fun. 

Everyone needs a little pick me up right now. Reinvigorate your workers and get them out of the Zoom mood with Wenning Entertainment’s Corporate Team Building Services!



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Outstanding Entertainment Services


If you’re looking for entertainment services to get your party started, look no further than Wenning Entertainment! 


All of our professionally trained DJs read the room and give the best performance for the vibe. Out entertainment is more than just someone with an iPod. Eric Wenning and everyone he trains guarantees a unique and engaging experience for every event.

Our Professionally Trained DJs know how to read a crowd and engage without being overbearing and tacky. We have the proper training to handle any situation, and this is the part of our company that started Everything!  Also, we do more than just weddings! Bar/bat mitzvahs, private parties, and corporate events with our DJs will give you the best event possible!

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Fun and Games

Great music isn’t the only thing you need to throw an awesome party. Sometimes, a fun game is just the thing you need to get everyone engaged, up, and moving! 

Rent out Game Show Mania equipment for corporate functions, self-promotions, mitzvahs, trade shows, reunions, as well as events held at schools, churches, theme parks, resorts, hotels, clubs, and bars. Game Show contests and trivia competitions are a fun way for any group to work on corporate team building, to motivate employees, or simply relax and have a great time!

And to add even more excitement to your event, we will put on a completely customized Lazer Show! Take an ordinary event, add some Amazing Lasers and people will talk about it for years to come! If you want to WOW your guests and give them something they’ve never experienced before!

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Find The Perfect Photographer for Your Wedding!


One of the most important decisions you make early in your wedding planning is who you’re picking to be your wedding photographer. It’s not hard to find an abundance of wedding photographers in your area. However, choosing one at random is not the best plan. Choose Wedding Wire’s 7 years 4 star rated Couples Choice Recipient Wenning Entertainment’s professional wedding photographers. This is one of the most special days of your life. It is equally important to document your wedding in style!

What makes a great photographer?

You could hire your cousin with his iPhone to do your wedding photography. But seriously, you should leave it to the professionals.  Trained photographers will seamlessly blend into the background just as easily as they take control of wrangling the bridal party for group pictures after the ceremony. And, when you book with Wenning Entertainment, we provide backups for everything. From equipment to photographers we ensure that your day is as worry-free as possible. When choosing photography for your event, we make everything A La Carte. So, there are no confusing packages! You pick and choose what you want and leave out all the unnecessary items or ‘extras’. 

Why do you need great photography?

Any married couple can tell you that your wedding day will be busy. Again, you can’t catch every special event or fun moment because you’re busy getting married! Your wedding photographer will be there to capture all of those moments that you missed! We capture the moments you will look back on for the rest of your life! Tailor our timeless photography style to your specific taste. Whether it’s a photojournalistic or traditional style you’re looking for, our photographers are trained and experienced to handle any request.

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