Elope First, Celebrate Later!

Elope First, Celebrate Later!

You and your partner have been planning and scheduling your wedding for days, don’t give up now. Do not let the pandemic take that away from you either. Rather than canceling, think about different options. Elopement has become popular over the years and can help you and your partner stay away from the decision of canceling your wedding completely. We are here to give you different options or ideas on how to move forward during this time.

Elope First

Your wedding day is all about the marriage and love between you and your partner. Rather than postponing or canceling your ceremony, think about scheduling an elopement date. Elope first and celebrate later. You and your partner would be able to still have a photographer or videographer to capture those special moments between you and your loved one. Some vendors you may want to think about still using are the officiant, a beautician, and a florist.

Elopement Attire

This day is about you and your partner’s new life together. Whatever you want to wear you can wear. You can also decide on what to wear from the elopement destination. Themes can include classic, short and modern, bohemian, asymmetrical, and cosplay.


Celebrate Later

Nothing is wrong with holding a reception or after party later in the year or even next year to celebrate your elopement between you and your partner. During this time, this may be the best decision for you and your partner instead of canceling your wedding completely.

Announce Your Post Wedding Celebration

This is a perfect time to use those elopement photographs that were taken to let the people you want to invite know there is a ceremony or after party later in the year to celebrate you and your partner.


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Pandemic Wedding


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Pandemic Wedding

Are you not sure on how to proceed your wedding day? During this pandemic, guidelines and news change every day. This makes it hard to predict what is going to happen a few days from now. The key is to be prepared for every scenario in case guidelines do change before your wedding day. We are here to help you with some useful tips to have your special day safely during the pandemic.

Pandemic Communicate

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.

You and your partner need to communicate to your venue, guests and vendors about updated information. Tomorrow could be a totally new day with new guidelines to follow. You and your partner could create a website, Facebook page group or group email list to easily update your venue, guests and vendors.


Small Weddings are OK

Every county and state is different regarding the amount of people that can attend certain events. The most that has been allowed is 250 people or less. Smaller weddings that include your family and close friends are okay. As long as you and your partner celebrate your special day with love and happiness, it doesn’t matter how many guest are there.


CDC Guidelines

Your venues and vendors are to follow the CDC guidelines that are in place at that time. In order to follow social distancing guideline, tables and guest must safely be spread out six feet apart from each other. Also keep in mind to let guest know that some venues are requiring masks to be worn in certain areas of the venue.


Plans have probably changed due to the pandemic regarding your caterer, hair and make-up stylist or even photographer/videographer. It is important to keep in touch with vendors regarding guidelines they have to follow and what is needed to be included like masks or sanitizing stations in order.

Please be respectful the to staff that is helping make your special day safe and enjoyable. They are doing their job by ensuring social distancing policies, that are already in place, to keep you and your loved ones safe and happy.


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Downsizing Feature

Downsizing Your Wedding’s Guest List

Downsizing Feature

Downsizing Your Wedding’s Guest List

Amazing weather, loved ones arriving on time, and things are just running smoothly. You are able to mingle and interact with all of your guests while having a meaningful moment with the ones you value and love. This may be difficult to achieve if you are planning on having a larger size wedding.  We are living in a different world right now. You may have already scheduled your 200+ guest wedding but are worried that it may not happen. Well you may be able to, just with less guests. It is okay to cut down on your guest list. Your mom’s co-worker and dad’s 3rd cousin will understand. We want to help with the process of downsizing your wedding’s guest list.

With more people, comes more anxiety. Even though it’s your big day, when planning your wedding, keep your guest and their needs in mind is considerate and will affect the outcome of your special day. Having a larger wedding will make keeping your guests needs and safety stressful as you will have more people to accommodate for.

We want you to have your dream wedding as much as you do. This may not be what you and your partner want to hear, but it probably the safest and healthiest option to have your wedding that you and your partner will remember for a lifetime. Take some time with your partner to discuss these ways on how to downsize your wedding’s guest list.

Small Weddings Small Weddings are OK

You and your partner don’t have to invite 200+ guests to have that fairytale wedding. A small wedding with 75 guests can be that wedding you have been dreaming about. Your wedding day is about you and your partner, not about the amount of guests. Having the chance to spend the most memorable times with your closest family and friends is what matters.

Double CheckDouble Check Your Guest List

You and your partner want to aim for having 75 or less guests. You may not need to cut down on your guest list, you may already have less than that. If you don’t, you may need to do the following on how to decide how and when you have to cut some people out to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Friends FamilyLimit to Close Family and Friends

Consider inviting only close family members and friends for you and your partner. These are the people that have been the closest involved throughout your life. This will make your special day more memorable and will be cherished for a lifetime.

DownsizeHow to Downsize Your Guest List

Of course this is something you and your partner do not want to do, but is probably the best option with the time we are living right now. Friends of friends and plus one’s will understand this decision is for everyone’s safety. Options may include a personalized phone call, text or email to that person or couple. A live stream of your wedding and reception could be an option and can be included in the phone call, text or email where they can watch the live wedding day.




Outdoor Weddings


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Outdoor weddings are in theme during the summer. They may be a better option to host guests on your big day due to the current pandemic going on. Having an outdoor wedding can offer more opportunities for you and your partner to personalize your dream wedding. There’s beautiful scenery to be included as well to ensure the ceremony and reception will be hosted on your perfect day.

Take this time with your partner to decide if having an outdoor wedding is for you. We are here to inform you on the information in regard to celebrating outdoors. Remember to create an environment that is full of love, laughter, and safety between you and your guests. Make your wedding something that will be remembered for your lifetime.



With outdoor weddings, photographers have the free space of moving around throughout the venue to capture moments that you and your partner may not receive in an indoor ceremony. The natural lighting and background of an outdoor venue can capture the natural beauty of nature. Just imagine having your background of your pictures being the beach, a mountain range or a beautiful park filled with trees.



Having an outdoor wedding allows guests to dress less formal if they wish to do so. Following the current health guidelines to keep guests safe; it will be easier to separate seating if need be. The most important rule for guests coming to your wedding is ensuring their safety while still enjoying your wedding celebration.


Family Friendly

The open space of an outdoor wedding can be a better option to have guests of all ages to enjoy the special day of you and your partner. Outdoor weddings offer an open setting for children and guests rather than having them be limited to staying inside all day. Being outside, guests are still able to enjoy time with family and friends while still practicing social distancing.



This is when you can get creative with your ideas. Outdoor decorations for weddings have the ability to have more of that nature feel to it. Set up string lights. Decorate your personalized archway any way you like to have it fit the theme of your outdoor wedding. There are many ways to have your outdoor wedding setup be unique and special.


Back Up Plan

The weather is always the biggest concern when hosting an outdoor wedding. If rain occurs, there are always backup plans. Have the wedding ceremony under a tent. Another good option is using a barn or pavilion that can hold you and your guests securely. Overall, the weather is a guessing game. Be prepared and have a backup rather than not being prepared at all.

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Published Date: July 1, 2020