Have Fun With Corporate Team Building

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Many businesses these days are in hybrid or fully remote setups due to the pandemic. This setup can provide many benefits to your company and employees. However, you can lose the ease of building relationships when you are in office. As we near the end of winter there is no better time than now to boost your team’s morale with a fun and unique event from Wenning Entertainment’s Corporate Team Building Services.

Connect With Your Team

After the last year of increases in team members working remotely, it’s hard to make lasting and productive connections with your coworkers. The perfect way to get your employees engaged is by doing something fun with their team!

We offer custom escape rooms, scavenger hunts, custom games, and much more! These fun activities will foster cooperation and lasting relationships between your employees. After your team-building event with Wenning Entertainment, you’ll never want to do another Zoom happy hour again. 

Have Fun Wherever You Are

And the best part about our team-building event planning is that you don’t have to be in Pittsburgh! We will cross the country to give your company the event it deserves. Featured in this video is one of our favorite events we’ve hosted for NexTec in Florida in early 2020. 

They are a completely online company and we’re looking for a way to get their employees together. We had them meet for a big conference over a few days and hosted a huge scavenger hunt all around the historic Lake Eola. The scavenger hunt had everything from puzzles to trivia, all to get employees working together and having fun. 

Everyone needs a little pick me up right now. Reinvigorate your workers and get them out of the Zoom mood with Wenning Entertainment’s Corporate Team Building Services!

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