Add Drama With Drapery


If you are looking to add decor to your event space, look no further than drapery from Wenning Entertainment. Whether it is for your wedding, corporate event, or even a trade show, Wenning Entertainment’s pipe and drapery services are just what you need to add some extra drama. 

Why Add Drapery? 

There is no venue too boring that can not be spiced up with added drapery. Turn even the dullest event halls into engaging and beautiful spaces. The options are truly endless with pipe and drape rental designs to enhance your event and venue. Add elegance and drama to your event space. If you have been searching for an addition that will not take up a large amount of space but is still a big piece, our drapery is right for you!

Why Wenning? 

We have the materials, training, and experience to transform any event space. Wenning Entertainment offers a variety of pipe and drape options to help structure and decorate your special event. Look no further if you want custom drapery designs to fit your next Pittsburgh event. We offer drapes that are available in a variety of sizes and colors, so they will be sure to match the style of your event. We also offer a variety of pipe options. Depending on your needs, we can create pipe and drape that can be used to conceal trussing, serve as a backstage curtain, or just to hide that annoying service door at the venue.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and watch us make them come to life! Wenning Entertainment is based in Pittsburgh, but we have offices Nationwide. That means we are able to provide pipe and drape for use anywhere in the country. 

For more information about how you can add amazing drapery to your next event, click the link below! 

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