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Get The Party Started!

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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life! The extensive planning you do over months and months of preparation all leads up to this one day. When that day finally comes, you are probably going to be running around greeting your guests, taking pictures, and, you know, GETTING MARRIED! You don’t have time to keep the energy of the reception up and moving. That’s where we come in! Our trained DJs know just how to get the party started.

Let Us Get Your Party Started

If you have ever thrown any kind of party, you know how important it is to keep the energy up all night long. Whether it’s providing light music during cocktail hour or getting the party started after the drinks have been flowing, our professionally trained DJs are on it! Each one is trained on how to read a room and make the best music selections for the time.

Listen To These Happy Clients

We come highly recommended by critics and clients. Don’t just take our word for it! Listen to what Brandon and Bonnie have to say about our DJ services! “We’ve never had so much fun! I couldn’t have imagined such an awesome wedding reception!” 

And bride Lesley says: “We have heard nothing but compliments from all of our guests, and we’re so thrilled with the music selection, level of professionalism, and fun!” Our clients have nothing but compliments for the Wenning Entertainment team. That is because your big day is important to us. We want to make one of the most important days of your life perfect.

So what are you waiting for? Book your wedding entertainment with Wenning Entertainment!

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Client Testimonials

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For all of us at Wenning Entertainment, giving our clients a fantastic experience is our number one priority. And our clients can attest to that since our reputation with them is great! Whatever services you source from us, from DJs to photographers, we will work tirelessly to make sure your wedding is the best it can be. But, do not just take our word for it. Listen to these happy client testimonials!

“A Night To Remember”

Our clients always have great things to say about our services. While our DJs know which songs will help get the party started, it is your big night, so you always get the final say in song selections. If you want a night to remember that is filled with fun, book your DJ with Wenning Entertainment

“Nothing But Compliments”

We are proud to say that our clients give us “nothing but compliments” on every event we are invited to. It is our goal that everything runs smoothly for your big day. Our trained DJs even come with backup equipment! Everything that we bring to your wedding is to ensure that this is the best party that you will ever throw.

“We’ve Never Had So Much Fun!”

Wenning Entertainment’s professionally trained DJs know how to read the vibe of your reception and make selections accordingly. So, with all of our years of experience, we can energize any crowd. Whether you want soft music playing in the background for dinner or pumping up the jams for dancing, our DJs have you covered!

If you have used Wenning Entertainment for your wedding, we would love to hear from you! Write a review on our website and let us know how we did! Find more client testimonials on our website.

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Private Events With Wenning Entertainment

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You know Wenning Entertainment from our fantastic and reliable wedding services. But, did you know that we provide much more? So, use Wenning Entertainment as your one-stop-shop for all of your entertaining needs! We provide just what you need for any of your private events. Whether its birthday parties or retirements, from bat/bar mitzvahs to anniversaries, we’ve got you covered.

Disc Jockeys

Wenning Entertainment is ‘The Most Referred Pittsburgh Disc Jockey Service,’ so you know you can’t go wrong when booking with us. Whether its a birthday party or community event, we will support you throughout the event planning process. Our DJs will keep up with the timeline of your event and keep the energy just where you want the whole time.

Fun and Games

At Wenning Entertainment, we have the capabilities to bring life into your private party. Engage your guests with a fun and interactive game show experience! Plugin whatever kind of trivia you want and watch your guests go nuts. We even have a magician on retainer!


Take any ordinary event and upgrade it with a custom or pre-set laser show. WOW your guests and give them something to talk about for years to come. Our modern-day light displays are perfect if you want to spice up your event. We can even project your name in lights!

All of these features and more can be included in your private event package. Find the perfect magician for your child’s bat/bar mitzvah. Set up your own game show mania for your retirement party. Then get the party started at any birthday or anniversary without trained and reliable DJs. The options are endless when you book with Wenning Entertainment. 

For more information about how you can upgrade your next event, click HERE: https://www.wenningent.com/services/pittsburgh-private-events/

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Add Drama With Drapery

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If you are looking to add decor to your event space, look no further than drapery from Wenning Entertainment. Whether it is for your wedding, corporate event, or even a trade show, Wenning Entertainment’s pipe and drapery services are just what you need to add some extra drama. 

Why Add Drapery? 

There is no venue too boring that can not be spiced up with added drapery. Turn even the dullest event halls into engaging and beautiful spaces. The options are truly endless with pipe and drape rental designs to enhance your event and venue. Add elegance and drama to your event space. If you have been searching for an addition that will not take up a large amount of space but is still a big piece, our drapery is right for you!

Why Wenning? 

We have the materials, training, and experience to transform any event space. Wenning Entertainment offers a variety of pipe and drape options to help structure and decorate your special event. Look no further if you want custom drapery designs to fit your next Pittsburgh event. We offer drapes that are available in a variety of sizes and colors, so they will be sure to match the style of your event. We also offer a variety of pipe options. Depending on your needs, we can create pipe and drape that can be used to conceal trussing, serve as a backstage curtain, or just to hide that annoying service door at the venue.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and watch us make them come to life! Wenning Entertainment is based in Pittsburgh, but we have offices Nationwide. That means we are able to provide pipe and drape for use anywhere in the country. 

For more information about how you can add amazing drapery to your next event, click the link below!


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Use Lighting Design to Enhance Your Event

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When organizing any event, be it a wedding, bat mitzvah, office party, or more, there is a lot that you need to consider. From the music to the food, it can be overwhelming, especially if you are not experienced in event planning. One crucial yet often overlooked aspect of event planning is the lighting. 

Lighting can transform your space and determine the atmosphere of the crowd. So, you are going to want to get it right. Wenning Entertainment is here to help!

Why should you settle for the lights that come with your meeting place or banquet hall? Leave those boring and harsh fluorescents behind. Flat generic lighting is not the look you want, and something as simple as a monogram or company logo can impress guests from the minute they arrive. Our fun and interesting lighting design can also be a lot cheaper than larger decor displays. 

With lighting design from Wenning Entertainment, you will be able to transform your guests’ experience into a night they will never forget. Creative and mood-enhancing lighting offers your guests an elegant and fun environment where they can relax, have fun, or concentrate on the topic at hand.

Our designers will consult with you to determine how best to achieve your desired look or theme. They also are skilled in reading the room and will adjust lights and colors based on the mood. With their extensive knowledge of the latest available lighting products and features, you can be sure that your space, no matter the size, will have the ambiance you envision.


Find out how you can transform any event with lights from Wenning Entertainment at the link below!



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Photo Booths to Capture Your Event

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Photo booths are event classics! There is no better or more fun way to capture memories than with your own photo booth strip. But with so many different types, how will you pick the one that is the best for you? Find the perfect photo booth for your event with Wenning Entertainment.

State of the Art Innovation

At Wenning Entertainment, you can get the latest model of our brand new Roaming Photo Booth. This booth is a completely different approach to the traditional in-the-corner style photo booths usually seen. The design allows us to remain stationary or roam as we please! So if you want a photo station at your event or if you want photos all over the place, we have got you covered.

Photo Booths That Are Right For You 

We offer traditional, roaming, and green-screened photo booths. You can select a combination of both to complement the various stages of your big day or keep things simple with one the whole time. Want to keep it out-of-sight for cocktail hour and dinner but on the dance floor later? No problem! We are mindful of our level of engagement and adhere to your wishes so that we do not become a distraction.

Share With Your Guests 

Once you and your friends get the right picture, take it home and show it off to your loved ones! We offer a variety of ways it can be shared with your guests from text, email, or have the option for a wireless printing station. The possibilities are endless. Think outside of the box; come and roam with us!

Find out how you can have this fun addition at your next event here: https://www.wenningent.com/services/pittsburgh-wedding-services/pittsburgh-photo-booth/ 

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Have Fun With Corporate Team Building

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Many businesses these days are in hybrid or fully remote setups due to the pandemic. This setup can provide many benefits to your company and employees. However, you can lose the ease of building relationships when you are in office. As we near the end of winter there is no better time than now to boost your team’s morale with a fun and unique event from Wenning Entertainment’s Corporate Team Building Services.

Connect With Your Team

After the last year of increases in team members working remotely, it’s hard to make lasting and productive connections with your coworkers. The perfect way to get your employees engaged is by doing something fun with their team!

We offer custom escape rooms, scavenger hunts, custom games, and much more! These fun activities will foster cooperation and lasting relationships between your employees. After your team-building event with Wenning Entertainment, you’ll never want to do another Zoom happy hour again. 

Have Fun Wherever You Are

And the best part about our team-building event planning is that you don’t have to be in Pittsburgh! We will cross the country to give your company the event it deserves. Featured in this video is one of our favorite events we’ve hosted for NexTec in Florida in early 2020. 

They are a completely online company and we’re looking for a way to get their employees together. We had them meet for a big conference over a few days and hosted a huge scavenger hunt all around the historic Lake Eola. The scavenger hunt had everything from puzzles to trivia, all to get employees working together and having fun. 

Everyone needs a little pick me up right now. Reinvigorate your workers and get them out of the Zoom mood with Wenning Entertainment’s Corporate Team Building Services!

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natalie berger

Interview with Natalie Berger

Wenning's Wedding Tip Wednesday


Hiring a Professional Event Planner can prove to be far more valuable than you may have thought. Imagine, you are planning one of the most important days of your life and you do not want anything to mess that up. You want your venue to be beautiful; your vendors to be on the same page as well as ensuring your guests have a wonderful time! Have you ever taken a moment to think about what goes on behind the scenes and what could possible go wrong on such a busy day? Hiring a family friend to get you through this day may not be the best idea because although they “know how you think” they probably have not done as many events as a professional planner has and they do not know how to handle certain situations that could go wrong! We got the chance to catch up with Professional Event Planner Natalie Berger in the midst of her busy schedule to pick her brain a bit and have her shed some light on some planning do’s and don’ts to help guide you to a very special Wedding Day!


  • What separates your services from other Planners?

“I am an event planner that takes care of each client…you meet me, you hire me, you GET ME!!! No associates will run your event that day, I am there for you!!”

  • What advice can you give to New Brides and Grooms about planning their wedding?

“Make a budget…..stick with it!!! More does not mean BETTER!!!!”

  • What would you say to Brides and Grooms in having their “Friends or Aunt’s” be their Planner?

“Having a relative or friend help plan and run your special day is not fair to them or you…they will not be able to enjoy your day with you and things may come up, that they do not know how to handle. It is much easier to delegate things to do or correct to a paid professional…”

  • What’s one of the Biggest Mistakes you see that Brides and Grooms make in planning their wedding?

“The #1 thing to hire when planning your event is great entertainment!!!  Having fun at a wedding is what you remember, not the color scheme or food choices, music selections, dancing and having a fabulous time with family and friends is the key to a great event!!!!”

  • Anything else you want to add?

“When hiring vendors, get references, make sure they have worked the venue, and they should make you feel like you are their only client!!!”


If you are planning a grand event and want to contact Natalie for her professional assistance you can do so via email at [email protected] or by phone at (412) 298-4638. Check back next week for more Wedding Planning Tips!

Wenning Entertainment | Simple Facade | DJ Facade

DJ Façade

Pipe Drape Pittsburgh

4 Tips to Make Sure Your Next Corporate Event is a Big Hit

If you are planning a large corporate event in Pittsburgh, there are many factors you must take into consideration, above and beyond the number in attendance. Whether your event is all fun, or a mix of business and pleasure—the tips below will help you to plan a successful event.

Select Your Event Theme and Décor

Your event is likely to have some sort of theme. For example, if it is an annual brand conference, you may title the event around a bullet point from your vision statement. If it is an end of year party, you may go with general New Year décor. Your theme will help you build excitement, and select your event décor.

Plan for The Catering—Even If Only Beverages And Finger Foods

Catering must be taken into consideration when planning your event. If your event is several days long—you may opt for 1 or 2 meals each day, or at least provide snacks and plenty of time for dining outside of the event.

  • If you are planning an event directly after work, you may opt for seasonal or traditional appetizers and desserts.
  • If you are planning a formal event, you must decide if you prefer a buffet or table service.
  • If you are planning a short event, at the very minimum you want to provide basics such as water, coffee, tea, juice—and maybe even fruit and cookies.

Identify Host, Speaker, Or Entertainment

One of the most important elements of your event, whether it is a conference or a party—is identifying appropriate corporate event entertainment. Your entertainment is what will make the event memorable, so you must choose wisely. An event production company in Pittsburgh can help. They are familiar with everything from the most effective forms of entertainment—as well as the best entertainment to complement the theme of your event, and culture of your company.

You may opt to have a familiar face host the event, or you may want to seek out an outside host. To motivate and inspire your team, you may also want to hire an event speaker—either from within your industry, or who has a story to share that translates across many genres.

A/V Equipment

The corporate event entertainment you select will require A/V equipment—which is most often not available from the location you are hosting your event. If you are not sure what kind of production equipment rentals you are in need of—reach out to a local event production company.

Aside from microphones, speakers, and sound system—don’t forget the importance of lighting to highlight your entertainment, and set the mood for your event. Your event production company will help you to create custom Pittsburgh lighting design.

The four tips above will help you to throw a successful corporate event your guests will remember for years to come. If you’re looking to give your guests a bit more of a ‘wow’ factor with your next corporate event, contact the team at Wenning Entertainment. From screen projectors and staging to equipment rentals and lighting design, our corporate event production team can handle all of your planning needs. Don’t leave the success of your next event up to chance, contact Wenning Entertainment for all your corporate event production needs.

Pittsburgh Lighting Design & Decor

New String Chandeliers and String Curtains

We now have MORE to offer our Clientele for their Unique Event Ideas, String Chandeliers and String Curtains!

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