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New String Chandeliers and String Curtains

We now have MORE to offer our Clientele for their Unique Event Ideas, String Chandeliers and String Curtains!

We can now spruce up your Corporate Event even more with added Decor options and Lighting. With our NEW String Chandeliers & String Columns we can give your Venue an entirely different look then ever before! Once the String Chandeliers & String Curtains are lit with up-lighting or down-lighting you will truly be amazed at how we took a Dull room and transformed it into your desired vision. For this event the Client wanted a ‘Blue Feel’ with a touch of Classy Winter. We think the String Chandeliers and String Curtains were the perfect touch to give the ‘Class’ effect to this event. With their theme in mind, we decided to go with custom made monograms to add to the Winter Décor. Tell us about your dream evening and watch us make it happen with String Chandeliers & String Columns or something more (or less) extravagant. Click the link below to see how the rest of the show turned out! Call us today and see how was can transform your next event into something unforgettable! For this event the Client chose the Pittsburgh Wyndham Grand Hotel, which also has an Amazing Staff to work with! Make sure to talk with Ashley Barna, or Tony Lee to plan your next event there!

Here are some photos from our Recent Event <Click Here>


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