AV Equipment Checklist for Your Next Event

Whether it’s a boardroom presentation or a wedding reception, most events call for some kind of audio-visual (AV) equipment to enhance the event. AV equipment rental can be difficult to navigate and often times people don’t know exactly what they need or what the best option for presenting their audio visual material is. Many people are also worried about possible malfunctions or making mistakes with AV equipment. There’s no need to fear! Bear in mind, quality AV rental companies will send certified AV technicians to handle equipment and keep your event running smoothly. Here are some of the most common and useful pieces of AV equipment to rely on for your next event.

Audio Equipment

Sound projection is one of the most common needs of events, and the difference between having professional audio equipment and relying on a friend of a friend can really make or break any event. Securing professional audio equipment and a qualified technician to do everything from set up and sound check to even mixing is best done by choosing highly ranked companies specializing in AV rentals. The equipment most widely used at events includes microphones, mixers, speaker systems, and so on. Quality Pittsburgh AV rentals should be able to offer clients a range of microphones, both lav mics and headset mics, multi-channel mixers, processors, line-array’s and speakers from various quality brands like Bose, Yamaha, JBL, and Mackie.

Projection Equipment

Thinking of making a presentation? Showing some video clips? Projection equipment is often a vital part of creating a successful presentation and technology failure can spell ruin.  If you want to go into your presentation stress-free, renting projection equipment that comes with a technician is the best way to go. The most common needs of presenters are projectors, projector screens, and TVs. AV companies generally offer both large (50″ and higher) LED and plasma TV screens, video switchers, projectors, screens, laptops and desktop computers, as well as whiteboards with dry erasers. Pittsburgh AV Rental companies will equip you with whatever kind of projection you are looking for.


There’s nothing that spruces up the aesthetics of an event quite like lighting. Getting the right look with lighting, however, is a job best left to the professionals, as lighting equipment is both expensive and dangerous. Events ranging from dinner receptions to film shoots are on the lookout for Pittsburgh lighting design companies that will meet their needs for movie set lighting, pin-spotting, custom monograms, lekos, LED curtain (RGB), studio lighting, moving heads, and wireless/battery RGBA and RGBAW+UV up-lighting.


Podiums are a great way to add to the professionalism of events and facilitate the presentation of the speakers. AV rental companies will often offer a number of different types of podiums, from relatively simple ones to others fully integrated with audio technology. Some of the popular podiums available include plexi and mahogany podiums, plexiglass podiums, TriLite Truss podiums, as well as grander executive mahogany podiums.

Staging, Piping & Drapery

If an event venue doesn’t offer proper staging or risers for the event you have in mind, AV rental companies are also a good option for filling this need. They offer a number of pieces that fit the needs of events and offer a professional appearance. Common stage equipment available includes stage right risers, backwalls and stair units, and, of course, sections of staging. In addition, piping and draping are widely available in a number of colors including black, navy blue, gray, white sheer drape, or even customized draping.

Make sure all of your AV equipment needs are accounted for with help from the event experts from Wenning Entertainment. Featuring a full range of lighting rentals, the latest AV equipment and anything else you could imagine, the team at Wenning Entertainment can help you transform any event into a production worth attending. Make setting up your next event a breeze and call the AV equipment rental services from Wenning Entertainment today.

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