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Take in the Moments

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Elope First, Celebrate Later!

Elope First, Celebrate Later!

You and your partner have been planning and scheduling your wedding for days, don’t give up now. Do not let the pandemic take that away from you either. Rather than canceling, think about different options. Elopement has become popular over the years and can help you and your partner stay away from the decision of canceling your wedding completely. We are here to give you different options or ideas on how to move forward during this time.

Elope First

Your wedding day is all about the marriage and love between you and your partner. Rather than postponing or canceling your ceremony, think about scheduling an elopement date. Elope first and celebrate later. You and your partner would be able to still have a photographer or videographer to capture those special moments between you and your loved one. Some vendors you may want to think about still using are the officiant, a beautician, and a florist.

Elopement Attire

This day is about you and your partner’s new life together. Whatever you want to wear you can wear. You can also decide on what to wear from the elopement destination. Themes can include classic, short and modern, bohemian, asymmetrical, and cosplay.

Celebrate Later

Nothing is wrong with holding a reception or after party later in the year or even next year to celebrate your elopement between you and your partner. During this time, this may be the best decision for you and your partner instead of canceling your wedding completely.

Announce Your Post Wedding Celebration

This is a perfect time to use those elopement photographs that were taken to let the people you want to invite know there is a ceremony or after party later in the year to celebrate you and your partner.

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Pandemic Wedding

Downsizing Feature

Downsizing Your Wedding’s Guest List

Downsizing Feature

Downsizing Your Wedding’s Guest List

Amazing weather, loved ones arriving on time, and things are just running smoothly. You are able to mingle and interact with all of your guests while having a meaningful moment with the ones you value and love. This may be difficult to achieve if you are planning on having a larger size wedding.  We are living in a different world right now. You may have already scheduled your 200+ guest wedding but are worried that it may not happen. Well you may be able to, just with less guests. It is okay to cut down on your guest list. Your mom’s co-worker and dad’s 3rd cousin will understand. We want to help with the process of downsizing your wedding’s guest list.

With more people, comes more anxiety. Even though it’s your big day, when planning your wedding, keep your guest and their needs in mind is considerate and will affect the outcome of your special day. Having a larger wedding will make keeping your guests needs and safety stressful as you will have more people to accommodate for.

We want you to have your dream wedding as much as you do. This may not be what you and your partner want to hear, but it probably the safest and healthiest option to have your wedding that you and your partner will remember for a lifetime. Take some time with your partner to discuss these ways on how to downsize your wedding’s guest list.

Small Weddings

Small Weddings are OK

You and your partner don’t have to invite 200+ guests to have that fairytale wedding. A small wedding with 75 guests can be that wedding you have been dreaming about. Your wedding day is about you and your partner, not about the amount of guests. Having the chance to spend the most memorable times with your closest family and friends is what matters.

Double Check

Double Check Your Guest List

You and your partner want to aim for having 75 or less guests. You may not need to cut down on your guest list, you may already have less than that. If you don’t, you may need to do the following on how to decide how and when you have to cut some people out to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Friends Family

Limit to Close Family and Friends

Consider inviting only close family members and friends for you and your partner. These are the people that have been the closest involved throughout your life. This will make your special day more memorable and will be cherished for a lifetime.


How to Downsize Your Guest List

Of course this is something you and your partner do not want to do, but is probably the best option with the time we are living right now. Friends of friends and plus one’s will understand this decision is for everyone’s safety. Options may include a personalized phone call, text or email to that person or couple. A live stream of your wedding and reception could be an option and can be included in the phone call, text or email where they can watch the live wedding day.

Wenning Entertainment

New Office Expansion for Wenning Entertainment

Wenning Entertainment is excited to share the changes we’ve made to our company.

We are expanding, physically and in the creative work we offer! Starting in Pittsburgh, Wenning Entertainment has done many events around Pennsylvania and across the country since 1993. To make
it easier to handle our growing clientele, we have decided to open additional offices across the states.
Our satellite offices are now open in Arizona and Florida making it easier for you to be involved in the planning process and enabling us to focus on a great presentation.

However, this does not mean we can only produce shows in these 3 states. Our other offices simply allow
us the accessibility to plan and execute events nationwide. Wherever you would like to have your next big event, you can rely on Wenning Entertainment to show you and your guests a good time! Wenning Entertainment has a full staff of Entertainers that will keep any party exciting. Your guests will be amazed
as our very own DJ, comedians, magician or jugglers engage them with an electrifying show!

Worried about event planning? Don’t. Wenning Entertainment is a full service Entertainment Company.
From start to finish everything will be taken care of for both you and your guests. Sound, lighting, A / V rentals, video production, corporate production, special décor, transportation and anything else you can imagine to make your event exceed all expectations!

Imagine, just making one phone call to 1-866-9-WENNING can take care of all the details for your next event! You call us and we will take care of everything else.