Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Are you having trouble finding the answers to your wedding questions? This month we will be answering questions that our viewers have sent in!

There are never stupid questions to ask us when it comes to planning your wedding.  If we didn’t get around to your question, don’t stress it, we will be doing this segment all month long! We are professionals for a reason, so we have more than likely dealt with this question or problem in the past. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions to help make the special day run smoothly.

The first question we received was, “Should I Purchase Event Insurance?”

YES! You’re spending tens of thousands of dollars on your wedding. With this big of an investment it is important to protect your assets. In the case of something going wrong, the event is cancelled altogether. Also, what if someone gets hurt at the event, you want to make sure that you’re not liable for that. A simple Google search will help you figure out who offers such insurance and you’re not looking at a lot of money. This will run you around a few hundred dollars, which in the scheme of things is not that much money.

The next question asked was, “Should I Tip My Vendors?”

Remember this key rule when it comes to tipping, “tips are earned, they’re never expected.” If you are at the event and feel like somebody went above and beyond, such as a DJ, catering staff, event planner, then feel free to tip them. You’ve already paid them for their services, but tip them if it feels appropriate. If you really want to give somebody a compliment, give it to them in the form of a review. This will allow them to share it and get more business for themselves as well. But, tips are always welcome.

For the final question of this week is,”What Questions Should I Ask Vendors/Venues?”

There’s a LOT of questions you want to ask vendors and venues. Here is a list of some simple questions you should start with!
1. How Long Have They Been Doing This?
2. What Sets Them Apart From The Competition?
3. Why You Should Select Them?
4. Do They Have Proper Liability Insurance?

Realistically, it’s not rocket science! Just think about the questions that you want answered. It’s not like a secret menu at McDonald’s or anything. Write them down before you get on the phone with somebody because really, you may forget to ask a question once they hang up. Then you’re like, “oh crap, I forgot to ask XYZ.”

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Published Date: March 4, 2020

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