Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Average Wedding Cost

The average cost of a wedding can vary depending on the location. An average wedding budget in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas can cost around $35k. This is based on the industry standards of the wedding professionals across the country. The average cost of a wedding depends on what the bride and groom wants for their special day. This does not mean one is better than the other, especially if you budget properly to create the wedding of your dreams!

Venue, Food and Beverage Budget

The most expensive thing to budget for at your wedding is going to be the venue, food, and the beverages. The venue contributes to several parts of a wedding like the decorations, cake, and linens. Feeding your guests is also the main part of a wedding reception so make sure to budget for what you need! Keep about 50% of the budget for your favorite venue, food and drinks.


Photography is another important aspect of a wedding because you need to capture all of the special moments that day. Professional quality pictures that will last a lifetime can be achieved by reserving 15-20% of your total budget for this. Now-a-days it is becoming a necessity to have a videographer at weddings. A Quality video of your wedding with professional editing to create a highlight reel can be achieved by budgeting 15-20% for this. You never know how sentimental a wedding video can be until you can reflect back on the evening!


Several surveys showed that the entertainment aspect is what 80% of people remember most about a wedding. Allocating only 10-15% of your total budget will be well worth it to make sure you can hire the DJ that will make your wedding a night everyone will remember! Budgeting this amount for entertainment guarantees a professional for the entire length of the evening.

Creating a wedding budget around the most important aspects of your wedding will allow you to prioritize everything. This will help you make sure you are able to afford everything you desire for your wedding!

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