When reading through wedding articles, it can become frustrating to see conflicting articles from reliable sources. Don’t let these conflictions cause analysis paralysis!

Lets face it. It can be hard to make big decisions about your wedding. Planning for it is difficult to do without some sort of guidance. You have probably been reading hundreds of articles about wedding planning, venues, and about every aspect of your wedding day. All of these articles and tips and ideas can become quite confusing, and especially if they conflict!

For example, one article may specify a wedding planning timeline in which you should order your cake 4 months before, and another says 8 months before. Many people put these helpful timelines together for their own particular wedding ceremony and reception. However, not every timeline may work for every bride and groom! This is just one example of conflicting articles that you should not worry about. You can use these ideas as a general guideline, but don’t take the advice verbatim.

Many articles are also written by people who aren’t as experienced on the topic as others. You should find information that comes directly from a reliable source. In the end, it all comes down to your preferences. Your wedding day is for you and your spouse, so make it your own and don’t follow someone else rules word for word. Make your big day yours!

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