The people of Pittsburgh are known to bleed black n’ gold. Incorporating these Pittsburgh colors into your wedding decor can be elegant and shows homage to your Pittsburgh roots!

If you know one thing abut Pittsburgh, it’s that Pittsburgh has a unique and internationally recognized color scheme. Many people don’t know, however, that this color scheme originates from William Pitt, the man Pittsburgh is named after, and his family coat of arms. The Pitt family coat of arms was used to design the crest of the city and the colors we know and love today originated from it.

Pittsburgh is a city that has a deep rooted background in professional sports that dates back to practically its founding. The Pirates, Steelers and Penguins are the three major professional teams in the city. Yinzers are in love with their sports teams and the culture is so deep rooted into their blood. A unique aspect of Pittsburgh sports, only seen in a few other cities, is the overarching color scheme of Black n’ Gold. The toughness and simplicity to these colors emphasizes these qualities of the city itself.

Besides sports teams, the Steel City color scheme can be seen everywhere you look in the city. The color of the bridges, the city’s flag, and even featured in the Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa’s #1 hit song “Black and Yellow” all show how important these colors. However, black and gold can be used as a classy and elegant color scheme for your wedding day. Without a doubt, this color scheme can be applied to centerpieces, flowers, and on your cake for an elegant finish.

Finally, of all city color schemes, the Pittsburgh original black n’ gold is certainly the most versatile and elegant. For your Pittsburgh wedding, incorporating these colors is a great way to show off your Steel City pride!

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