Pittsburgh food is loved by Yinzers and visitors alike! For your Pittsburgh style wedding, make sure you include some traditional dishes of the Steel City!

Have you ever had a pierogi? How about haluski? Ever tried a barbecue chipped ham sandwich? All of these foods, and more, are staples of Pittsburgh local cuisine. Ultimately, you should consider having Pittsburgh food at your Pittsburgh style wedding!

Pittsburgh foods are a huge part of the Steel-City’s culture. Pittsburgh is a massive melting pot of various cultures and ethnic backgrounds. German, Italian, Ashkenazi Jewish, Polish, Irish, as well as many, many others make up this cities great mix of culture. Pittsburgh foods will not only be loved by your out-of-town relatives, but they’ll want to bring these delicious food ideas back home with them!

At your wedding, considering having a “Steel-City Buffet” included in your dining options. This buffet would include any Pittsburgh foods that you desire. Barbecue chipped ham, Pittsburgh salads, pierogies and haluski are all popular options for this style of buffet. Furthermore, to explain what these Pittsburgh foods are, the Pittsburgh Salad consists of a salad with a generous amount of fries, chicken/steak, and cheese! Usually topped off with a large portion of ranch dressing, the Pittsburgh Salad is a Pittsburgh go-to.

Also, for those of you who don’t know what haluski is, it is a mixture of cabbage and noodles cooked together to make a delicious side to any Pittsburgh meal. The perfect main course, without a doubt, is pierogies. Likewise, these are small, half-circle shaped pockets of dough filled with potato, onion, and sometimes cabbage, and cooked to perfection. Additionally, chipped ham barbecue also makes a great dish! “Chipped ham”, or Yinzer for finely sliced deli ham, is slow cooked in barbecue sauce and served in the form of sliders on small, toasted buns. Finally, you will be giving your guests a taste of this great city on your wedding day!

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