Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

So you think yinz can dance?

All over the country, people line up on the dance floor for those dance routines we all know and love. The Cha-Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, and the Electric Slide are all songs that come immediately to mind. However, in the Pittsburgh region, there are dances that originated here and date back generations. The Chicken Dance, the Dollar Dance and Polka are all huge Pittsburgh traditions. Moreover, for your wedding, be sure to include those song that are frequently played at receptions in the ‘Burgh!

Polka is huge in Pittsburgh. Czech, Austrian, German, as well as Polish cultures rooted deeply in the Pittsburgh region are why this style of dance is huge at weddings. The Pennsylvania Polka is heard all across the state, played for relatives of all ages to dance to.

Also, a polka hit that is traditionally played at weddings in the region is the Chicken Dance. With simple steps and a silly words, the Chicken Dance is beloved by all ages!

Another tradition is the Dollar Dance. It’s symbolism varies, but typically the money is a gesture to help the couple get started in their new lives together. Generally, it’s an upbeat and interactive part of the reception involving music, dancing and bills of money being tossed at or handed to the couple.

So you think yinz can dance? These dance traditions will make your wedding a true Pittsburgh wedding!

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