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Terry Jones on Nuvo TV

Local comedian, Terry Jones, is getting national attention with the Season 3 Premiere of Nuvo TVs Stand Up & Deliver.

After competing among opening act level comedians nationwide during the Cabo Comedy Festival, Jones finished as a finalist and his set will be highlighted this Tuesday March 11, 2014 at 10pm on Nuvo TV. The ten episode series Stand Up & Deliver: From the Cabo Comedy Festival will showcase events and performances every Tuesday night from the 5-day festival held in October.

Terry Jones is presently a part of the Sideshow Network Podcast, Jim Krenn: No Restrictions, a top 50 podcast worldwide.  Weekly, Jones proves that his presentation and delivery is not that of the ordinary comic. Show your support for our local comedian by watching live and tell us what you think. Just use #TeamTerry in your chat. Check your local listings to find Nuvo on your TV.

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