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Using the Preferred Vendor List

Planning a wedding is never easy. So when you receive vendor recommendations from a trusted source, take note.

Why not make your planning a bit easier by listening to the professionals who have personally seen specific service vendors in action. Most venues have a list of Preferred Vendors, for a reason. Your venue wants your event to be a success! Preferred vendors are simply a list of various vendors that your venue has worked with on several occasions and they know these vendors will be able to execute their industry service skillfully and professionally. Who would be a better judge of successful events other than your venue? They have seen more Entertainers, Photographers, and Videographers than any one member of your family or friends. The venue is putting their reputation on the line with giving you their recommendation. Why would they offer you anything mediocre?

Your venue knows what works and what does not work for their site, and so do their preferred vendors. They have completed events at that venue quite a few times and are most aware of the setup needed and how to successfully get your guests to have a great time. Once you receive your Vendor List, still do your research, but keep in mind that recommendations do not come to those who don’t put in the work to receive such a compliment. You’ve done the work in selecting the venue, now it is time to take the vendor recommendations to help with further planning!

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