Cozy Accents For Fall Weddings


Some of the best parts about having a fall wedding are all of the cozy accents that you can feature! This is the perfect season to get creative with your wedding decor. Any small detail can make a big difference in the overall experience of your wedding.

For example, you can change the whole mood of a space by shifting the lighting. Set the mood for your guests right when they arrive by incorporating lanterns! These pieces can be added to your entryway or aisle decorations and even your reception space. The lanterns will give off a softer and warmer light than the traditional glare of overhead lighting. This will make your event space feel cozier and more romantic; perfect for autumn.

And to keep your wedding nice and cozy, try adding textured accents like velvets, knits, or leather to the bridal party attire and decor. Put your own spin on your bridal party attire with velvet suits for the groomsmen or knit shawls for the bridesmaids. And try leather accents in place settings, invitations, or even wrapped around flower arrangements. These seasonal fabrics will give your overall wedding that extra warm touch. 

Finally, add warmth to your reception through the menu! Substitute that traditional chicken or fish meal for any of your fall favorites. Soups, chili, stuffed peppers, and more are all great additions to your wedding menu. And if comfort food isn’t for you, put a twist on classic favorites like pumpkin pasta or sweet potato stuffed shells.

Take a hint from the season and make your wedding the coziest it can be!


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