Avoid A Generic Wedding With These 3 Tips

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No matter what your style or aesthetic is, one thing is the same for every couple who is getting married.  Everyone wants to avoid a generic wedding!  But coming up with new ideas is hard to do with just the two of you.  That’s why this week, the experts at Wenning entertainment are sharing some of their favorite ideas on how to mix things up.

Food Trucks

Firstly, take a break from the norm and hire food trucks for your cocktail hour! Instead of cheese and crackers, why not try a gourmet treat.  Tons of food trucks are now popping up in every city.  With so many different trucks to choose from, you can have anything that suits your taste. Mini pizzas, breakfast food, tacos, and so much more. Have fun, be unique and support a local business! 

Personalized Bouquets 

Next, you can personalize each of your bridesmaid’s bouquets! Your bridesmaids are all unique in their own way, why not reflect that in their flowers? The options are endless.  Pick their birth month flower or flowers that match their hair or eyes. This will give some uniqueness to your color scheme and really make your bridal party feel special. This personalized touch will help you avoid having a generic wedding.

Pick a Scent

Finally, give your wedding a memorable “Scent” . Pick a candle or fragrance that you and your partner love and light some candles to make your ceremony match! Afterwards, whenever you and your guests smell that scent, you all will be brought back to your big day!

Have you seen any other cool wedding ideas? Let us know in the comments, and for more tips like this, check out our other posts. We will see you next week!

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