The Dark History of Wedding Traditions


The Halloween season is finally here! So, we’re taking a look back to see where some of our favorite spooky wedding traditions originated. While some wedding traditions have fun and entertaining beginnings. But others have a very dark history lurking behind them. It hasn’t always been happily walking down the aisle to meet your fiancé. And joking around with your best friend as your best man wasn’t always his main role.

Giving Away The Bride

Did you know that walking the bride down the aisle wasn’t always a meaningful and emotional exchange between father, daughter, and eventual son-in-law? Originally, walking the bride down the aisle counted as more of a business transaction than anything else. Fathers once used their daughters as currency to pay off all kinds of debt. This could include using his daughter as repayment to a wealthier landowner for rents, to symbolize a sacrificial, monetary peace offering to an opposing tribe, or buy their way into a higher social circle. 

The Dark History Of The Best Man

And that’s not the only tradition with a dark history. Today, the best man today is usually the groom’s best friend. He’s the one to keep the fun rolling while making sure everyone is where they need to be for the ceremony. But, this role was traditionally a role for the biggest and strongest man the groom knew. This was so that if anyone tried to kidnap the bride or in case she decided to run away, the best man would be there as backup for the groom. 

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