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Behind the Scenes with Professional Wedding Videography

With your special day on the horizon, you may be pondering whether to hire a videographer to chronicle the ceremony and reception. When you choose to have a videographer at your event, you are choosing to create a beautiful wedding documentary to help you relive your special day. The day of your wedding is sure to be a breathtaking day that will have you in awe with the vows you are taking. However, it can also be a stressful, chaotic, busy day where you and your spouse-to-be are the center of attention. You may think you’re taking it all in and enjoying yourself, but you’re really missing so much due to the excitement of the day.

Documenting Your Day

A Wedding videographer works in the background, documenting your day step by step so that you can watch the unfolding of events later when you’re calm and relaxed from the honeymoon. Imagine all the moments you missed that you can now catch up on and laugh — or cry happy tears — about now. If you don’t have this special memento, all of those stolen glances, funny line dances, and memorable cake-in-the-face moments will be lost. Sure, your photographs will capture some of these events in time, but videography goes beyond the simple snapshot to create a lasting keepsake you will cherish forever. This memento is something your kids — and their kids — will enjoy watching year after year to remind them of where it all began.

Go Professional

If you’ve been thinking of nixing the Wedding videographer for your upcoming nuptials, think twice. Perhaps your Uncle Al said he’d take some footage, or your BFF promised to capture all the fun moments on her iPhone. But what will likely happen? Those same people who said they’d act as amateur videographers will most likely start having so much fun that they forget all about their little project, and there goes your chronicle of the ring exchange, first dances, and bouquet toss. Or perhaps that person still has good intentions for filming your wedding and tries his best, but later you go to watch the end result and all you hear are garbled voices and blackness because the lens was on the whole time. What a disappointment! That’s why it’s important to hire a high-quality wedding videographer for your wedding. This professional is paid to stay on track and document every moment from start to finish.


Beforehand, you can sit with your Wedding Videographer to discuss what type of style you want for your video, whether classic, cinematic, documentary or journalistic. With a storytelling approach to your wedding, your tale as a couple will become a part of your unique day, points out The Knot. In addition, you can get more than just a video account of your day. Today’s wedding videos utilize state of the art technology to present a one-of-a-kind personal story that can never be replicated. You can get your video shot in traditional sequence, or you can opt for a documentary style that cuts to clips from guests shot during the day, edited to look like a journalistic masterpiece chronicling your event.

For these reasons and more, a videographer’s presence at your wedding is a must if you want to capture the entire day to relive over and over. Make sure you capture all the special moments of your big day by getting in touch with the Pittsburgh wedding videographers at Wenning Entertainment. Our wedding documentary services go above and beyond what photographs can tell, illustrating the experience of your special evening and capturing the tale of your romance like no other. Check out our most recent productions by visiting our videography portfolio, and discover what our Pittsburgh wedding videographers can do for you!

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