Blank Venues

[embedyt][/embedyt]Planning a wedding can be so hard when you are trying to make it unique.  You don’t want your wedding to be too cookie cutter but coming up with new ideas that no one you know has done before is a lot of work.  And there are so many different types of blank venues. When you do find that perfect place, make sure that it’s beautiful scenery and amazingly high ceilings don’t cloud your reason.

Blank Venues

With a lot of couples finding new and eclectic venues for their weddings, it can be easy to overlook practicality in favor of aesthetics.  Since most unique venues weren’t made with weddings in mind, like barns for instance, they are a blank canvas. This means they might not have existing elements that are essential to a good wedding.  So, while that beautifully rustic barn might be great for pictures, think practically.  Will it work for your staff, entertainment and guests? And if not, can you budget for the extra expense of compensating for what the existing venue lacks?

What To Consider When Picking Unique Venues

Your Guests

They all love you and want your day to be as special as possible! However, you also want to make their experience as fun and easy as possible, right?  That might not happen if your guests have an aversion to using porta-potties because your beautiful barn venue doesn’t have the proper restroom facilities.  

Your Staff and Entertainment 

To make your day run smoothly, your catering staff and entertainment must be able to do their jobs in a clean and easy to use environment.  In your venue, will you have access to a food prep location like a kitchen? Will you have a work station for the catering staff? Can the venue’s power supply handle a band or Dj equipment? 

Blank canvas venues can be great and luxurious and wonderful places to let your creativity run wild.  However, for a lot of them, you have to bring everything in yourself to make that beautiful space functional for your guests and staff. And that is where the costs begin to skyrocket.

If you and your partner are able to budget out the extra expenses then go for it! However, other beautiful, existing venues already have amenities. If that makes the most sense for your budget, try consider one of them.  Your guests and staff will thank you for it!

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