Wedding Party Expectations


Summer is in full swing now and the wedding boom is on. Due to the past years restrictions on social engagements, couples all over are eager to get out and get married. Whether you’re one of those couples or a close friend of one, one thing is for sure: it’s going to be a busy summer! And with business comes a lot of expectations from the wedding party.

To help you navigate through post covid event planning you’ll need help.  That’s why this whole month we’re going to be discussing the ones who help you the most: your wedding party. 

Figure Out Your Wedding Party Expectations

From the moment you choose those people, to the execution of their duties you have to be transparent with them on your expectations. Whenever you’re choosing the people who are going to be a part of the most important day of your life you have to make sure they understand the financial obligations that they are committing themselves to. For example, it is best to put together a simple word document.  This will explain every single item that they’re going to be responsible for in an easy to reference document. 

You might want them to be responsible for all kinds of things. The dress, for the bridal party shower, and anything else for the bachelorette and bachelor party nights adds up.  So having their obligations mapped out in advance will help them to know, going into the night, if they can even afford it. 

According to tradition, if they can’t afford what you’re asking of them, that financial responsibility then falls to the best man or the maid of honor.  That spells for frustration on their part because they are picking up everyone else’s slack.  The best way to avoid tension is to be upfront about your expectations from the jump.

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