How To Seat Your Guests

[embedyt][/embedyt]The seating placement for your reception is invaluable to your guests’ comfort and enjoyment. You must consider the age, health, and personalities of your guests. Do you think that your older loved ones are going to have a great time at dinner when they are placed right by the DJ booth? Of course not! If the seating chart is flawed, then no one will be having a good time. The following are Wenning Entertainment’s top tips for how to seat your guests.

Mind the Music

The right floor plan is crucial for making your reception a hit. Keep the DJ in the middle of the room, right next to the dance floor, and place the tables around both. If you put your DJ in a corner behind the tables, that will mean that some tables are getting blasted with music from the speakers that are right up on them.


Do not put any of the older guests by the speaker. Place the younger folks who can handle loud noise to the front by the DJ and speakers. They can take the noise better and will have a better appreciation for the music. A lot of times, where you put your DJ determines exactly how much space you must maneuver your guest seats — and there could be only one way you can line those up. No one wants to be up close to speakers at a wedding but if it must be someone, make it the younger guests.

Access to the Dance Floor

In the same vein as the music, position your younger guests closer to the dance floor. This way, you won’t be annoying your older guests with people rushing past them to dance and your younger guests get easy access to the party!


Make sure to be thoughtful when deciding how to seat your guests. Be sure to check back every week to keep up to date on the latest wedding trends with Wenning Entertainment. And for more wedding inspiration and tips, follow us on social media!




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