Wedding Timeline Planning

keep memories alive with your wedding video

Keep Your Wedding Memories Alive

Buddy-moon & mini-moon

Buddy-Moons & Mini-Moons

Sustainable Weddings

Sustainable Weddings 101

BEWARE The Ghost Bride!!

BEWARE The Ghost Bride!!

wedding tradition of the best man

Best Friend or Body Guard


The Terror Tale of the Veil


The Spooky Truth of the Honeymoon


The True Tale of the Bridesmaids

WWTW_Pro Photographers

Do I Really Need A Professional Photographer?

Professional Photographers are doing more than just walking around snapping photos. They are providing you with high quality photos while using the latest techniques


Can’t I Be My Own DJ?

You don’t need a DIY DJ running the show.

Do Backyard Weddings Really Save $$$?

Do Backyard Weddings Really Save $$$?

Venues take care of all the necessary things a wedding reception needs including, all the food, decorations, tables, etc. all in the set price.  Alleviate the stress levels and enjoy your special day without breaking the bank.

Asking the right vendor questions

Asking Vendor Questions

A lot of times vendor will only share with you what they think is important, however, asking the right questions can help you select a vendor that meets your needs, while staying within your budget.

Conflicting Articles

Analysis Paralysis: Conflicting Articles

When reading through wedding articles, it can become frustrating to see conflicting articles from reliable sources. Don’t let these conflictions cause analysis paralysis!

Pittsburgh Foods

Yinz Gettin’ Married?: Do You Even ‘Rogi, Bro?

Pittsburgh foods are loved by Yinzers and visitors alike! For your Pittsburgh style wedding, make sure you include the traditional dishes of the Steel City!

Cookie Table

Yinz Gettin’ Married?: Where’s Your Cookie Table?

No matter if you are from Pittsburgh or not, a table full of cookies is an aspect to any wedding that will truly stand out. From your youngest cousin, to your great grandmother, every one of all ages will absolutely love the cookie table. Consider this for your upcoming big day!

Pride Month: Is Your Vendor Gay Friendly?

Pride month Who's Walking Down the Aisle

Pride Month: Who’s Walking Down the Aisle?

It’s Pride Month! Walking down the aisle in traditional weddings is almost always the same. But what happens when your wedding involves a same sex couple?

Pride Month: Choosing Your Wedding Party

When considering the Bridal and Grooms party, how will you decide who to include? Who cares, just make sure they are there to support you and be there for you! Ask whoever, as long as you believe they are a true fit. You can have a man of honor, or a best woman, it doesn’t matter. It all comes down to you on your special day

Pride Month: Subtle Pride Decor

The last thing you want for your wedding is an explosion of rainbow pride filling the room. Here are some was to keep the colors at your LGBTQ wedding subtle and tasteful!